No Barriers to Refinance

No Closing Cost Loans

Lenox Financial can help with every type of home mortgage. However, in 1994, our CEO, Jon Shibley pioneered the No Closing Cost Loan which has been our speciality ever since.
Leverage Your Equity

Cash Out Refinance

Do you ever wonder if it’s wise to build up substantial equity in your home? Well, it’s not… especially when rates are at all time lows. Your home shouldn’t be a piggy bank for any financial institution. It’s your asset and now more than ever you should leverage your equity to pay down debt or create wealth.
A Team Dedicated to You

Mortgage Management

We are mortgage management advisors, not mass loan processors. We provide guidance and financial literacy and work with you to identify your goals then design a path to help you attain them. After your loan is closed, we continue to monitor market conditions with our proprietary technology and will let you know when it’s time to do it again.
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The Lenox Financial Difference

What Makes Us Different

We are transparent, honest and prioritize guidance. We don’t try to rocket through the process… we take the time to help you maximize savings, leverage equity, and generate wealth.

When you’re not paying thousands in closing costs, there’s no barrier to refinancing.

Find Your Loan Program

Whether you are financing a new home purchase or refinancing an existing mortgage, Lenox Financial is here to help.
  • 30 Year Fixed

  • 15 Year Fixed

  • Cash Out

  • VA Loan

  • Jumbo Loan

  • PMI

Our Commitment To You

Our Privacy Pledge

Our fiduciary duty to safeguard our clients’ information and confidentiality is our highest priority. Our commitment to upholding these practices continues to set the industry standard for financial services. Since our inception in 1994, we have prioritized data integrity and security so more than all of our customers families can sleep better at night.

Success Stories

  • Kim B.
    As a first time home- buyer, I was somewhat nervous approaching the lending process. Within five minutes of my first conversation, Lenox Financial had won my confidence and the rest was smooth sailing.
    Kim B.
  • Alden T.
    I own a number of investment properties and Lenox Financial gave me insight and a strategy that opened the door to options I never contemplated. Thank You!!!
    Alden T.
  • Travis K.
    After feeling a bit mislead by another mortgage company, I was referred to Lenox Financial by a friend of mine. They gave me the straight scoop on the first call and followed through until my loan was closed. I couldn’t have asked for a better partnership
    Travis K.
  • Francisco G.
    Amazing! I have refinanced 3 times with LF and now I am just waiting for them to call me when it’s time to do it again. They’re the best!
    Francisco G.
  • Leslie S.
    Lenox Financial gave me white glove treatment throughout and my loan closed in under 30 days.
    Leslie S.

Our Mission

Lenox Financial empowers our customers through insight, strategy, and access to capital. We give you the power to leverage your mortgage as a tool to benefit your overall family economy.

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