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     Helping Homeowners Manage Their Mortgage with no closing costs Since 1994.     " The Biggest No Brainer In The History of Earth "

  • Lenox Financial was founded by Jon Shibley in 1994

  • Jon Shibley


                Lenox Financial was founded in Atlanta, Georgia in 1994 on three basic premises: (1) Stellar customer service. (2) A fiduciary relationship with the customer. (3) Elimination of closing costs. When your not investing thousands of dollars in closing costs there is no barrier to refinancing, this allows you to integrate your mortgage into your family's economy. Life throws you a ton of curves, you should not have to invest thousands of dollars in closing costs because your personal needs change as it relates to your mortgage. (4) Utilizing technology to manage your mortgage, which means tracking your rates, goals and needs, so that when the market improves and rates drop we are in a position to advise our clients to refinance again, and with No Closing Costs. Our business model is unprecedented and unparalleled in today’s market place.  25 years, over 30 billion dollars in closed loans, and a savings to customers of over 200 million dollars in closing costs, and only one formal complaint by a customer. We are simply " the best of the best ", and very proud of it.