• Lenox Financial Data Security Griddd

  • It’s not coincidental that with the onset of the digital revolution identity theft has reached all time highs. Homeowners continue to feel more comfortable everyday with providing online financial records and personal information such as social security numbers. Predators run wild with little to no regulation, as a result Lenox Financial Founder Jon Shibley created ” The Griddd” consumer protection platform. The Griddd is a separate entity whose sole purpose is to protect the financial integrity of Lenox Financial Clients. The Griddd is a network of Mortgage Industry Providers that must meet certain data security requirements in order to do work for Lenox Financial. The Griddd consists of necessary industry providers like Closing Agents and Underwriters that must meet EXTREMELY high standards says Lenox Financial Founder Jon Shibley, ” It’s like Navy Seal training only the best of the best make it. ” http://www.lenoxfinancial.com. Lenox Home Loans are placed with patience and managed with prudence.

    Lenox Financial Founder Jon Shibley Speaks to the NFL Trust about Mortgage Security as it relates to Lenox Home Loans

    Lenox Financial Founder Jon Shibley Explains the Lenox Financial Consumer Protection Griddd